Storck’s Name:2 Is A Carbon Urban E-Bike For Sporty Commuters

Storck is a bike brand best known for its performance-oriented road and time trial bikes. Like many cycling brands of its caliber, the brand has also ventured into the e-bike space, catering to urban commuters looking for a bike that incorporates some of the brand’s race-derived technology. The new Storck Name:2 aims to tick all the boxes when it comes to urban commuting. Let’s take a closer look.

When it comes to getting around the city, smaller is usually better. This is exactly what Storck has in mind when it comes to the Name:2. Featuring a compact, simple, yet sporty design, this e-bike rolls on 24-inch tires and has proportions similar to that of a BMX bike. However, it also prioritizes pedaling ergonomic efficiency, so it gets a tall seatpost and standard handlebars. Thanks to the 24-inch wheels, Storck says that the Name:2 is nimbler and more maneuverable in the city.

That’s all well and good, as Storck is targeting urban riders looking for a compromise between a sporty and maneuverable ride. Adding to that sportiness is a lightweight build tipping the scales at no more than 17 kilograms. To achieve this, Storck made use of its Carbon Fiber Reinforced (CFR) material also found on the brand’s race-ready bikes. The Porsche-owned Fazua Ride 50 Trail motor also plays a role in this lightness, while providing 50 Newton-meters of torque to flatten even the steepest hills. A 252-watt-hour battery is housed seamlessly into the downtube, but is also removable for convenient charging.

To complement the bike’s lightweight build and impressive powertrain, Storck employs a tried and tested drivetrain more commonly found on high-performance mountain bikes. A 12-speed Shimano XT M8100 drivetrain ensures that the rider is able to click into the optimum gear ratio to pedal seamlessly alongside the electric motor. The bike rolls on Schwalbe Big Ben tires measuring 24 x 2.15 inches, making them ideal for on-road use.

Storck’s Name:2 Is A Carbon Urban E-Bike For Sporty Commuters

It’s important to note that the Storck Name:2 is strictly an urban e-bike meant to shuttle you from point A to B. It doesn’t get any luggage racks, lighting, and not even a set of mudguards, so keep that in mind if any of those are non-negotiables for your daily commute. Oh, it also commands quite a hefty price tag of 4,799 euros, translating to about $5,235 USD.