The 2025 Electric Jeep Wagoneer S: First Look Inside

Jeep has released the first interior images of its forthcoming all-electric SUV, the 2025 Wagoneer S. We’ve seen its Range Rover-esque exterior before, and the newly released images now reveal additional details and features of the US-bound electric SUV.

The Wagoneer S will ride on parent company Stellantis’ BEV-specific STLA-Large platform (pronounced “stella”), which is also expected to underpin the Recon, the Wrangler-inspired electric SUV. Stellantis regards this platform as highly scalable, as it supports FWD, AWD, and RWD configurations and can also house two different sizes of battery pack: 85 kWh or 118 kWh. The Wagoneer S will likely get the larger battery, but the range hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Inside the Wagoneer S, there’s ample digital real estate. The images reveal four large screens mounted across the dashboard: a large digital gauge cluster, a massive central infotainment display (which for some reason is playing a poignant song called “Moment of Surrender” by Nick Mulvey), and a dedicated screen in front of the co-driver’s seat, keeping up with the trend of passenger displays. The fourth screen is under the central display, and it appears to house the climate, seat, and massage functions.

The Wagoneer S also gets a shiny drive-selector knob with a silver metallic finish, and a terrain selector with Sand, Snow, Eco, Auto, and Sport modes, all housed on a piano black panel on the central console. There’s also a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, a “segment-exclusive” McIntosh 19-speaker audio system, and a color-selectable ambient light strip that runs across the door panels and the dashboard.

Early this month, Jeep said the Wagoneer S would pack 600 horsepower, and accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. If that’s true it would certainly be among the fastest electric SUVs out there. Expect more details to surface in the months ahead. It’ll launch in fall of 2024, with electric SUVs like the BMW iX and Rivian R1S in its crosshairs.