Thok’s MIG E-S Is The Perfect E-Bike For Both Urban And Off-Road Explorers

Italian e-bike specialist Thok has always been known for its high-end, ultra-high-performance e-bikes. The brand partnered with none other than Ducati to sell its lineup of top-tier electric mountain bikes, so it’s obvious that Thok means business. Ducati badge notwithstanding, Thok’s lineup goes beyond just recreational and for-sport e-bikes. It also has versatile all-rounders that blend performance with day-to-day functionality.

Its newest offering is the embodiment of this, and it’s called the MIG E-S. Now, you may be familiar with the MIG S, which is Thok’s performance-oriented all-mountain e-bike. The eS takes this bike’s tried and tested platform, and puts a practical and utilitarian spin on it, making it ideal for both city commuters and off-road adventurers.

Thok’s MIG eS Is The Perfect E-Bike For Both Urban And Off-Road Explorers

In terms of performance, it relies on a Shimano E7000 mid-drive motor paired with a large 630-watt-hour battery pack for generous range in between charges. There are multiple assist modes to choose from such as Forest, Eco, Trail, and Boost, allowing riders to select the ideal performance setting depending on the terrain they’re riding on. To complement the impressive powertrain, Thok decided to install a Sram SX Eagle drivetrain – an interesting choice given that the motor is made by Sram’s arch rival Shimano.

Now, despite the MIG E-S’ urban appeal thanks to its versatile frame and built-in saddlebags, it’s well and truly a capable off-roader. It’s rocking premium RockShox suspension with 150 millimeters of front and 140 millimeters of rear suspension travel. It comes to a confident stop with Sram Guide T four-piston brakes that clamp upon large 203-millimeter discs. The MIG E-S rolls on a mullet configuration, with a 29-inch wheel up front and a 27.5-inch wheel at the back. The tires are e-bike specific Schwalbe Johnny Watts that promise durability and all-terrain traction.

Thok’s MIG eS Is The Perfect E-Bike For Both Urban And Off-Road Explorers

The Thok MIG E-S is also equally useful as a daily commuter thanks to its urban-focused accessories. It has aluminum mudguards to keep you clean on the way to work. There’s a built-in lock with a frame holder, as well as a quick-release aluminum luggage rack that works with MIK system bags. Last but not least, it gets USB-rechargeable lights with 600 lumens up front and 30 lumens at the back, ensuring optimum visibility no matter what time you decide to go out for a ride.

When it comes to pricing and availability, Thok already offers the new MIG E-S online and through select retailers. It carries a premium price tag of 4,490 euros, or about $4,957 USD, so it’s definitely not for e-bikers looking for a budget option, but rather, those looking for a fancy all-rounder with a focus on performance.