Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Take On A Challenging Hill Climb And Descent

The Tesla Cybertruck appears to be a formidable off-road vehicle as this latest video shows it tackling a steep and rock-filled hill climb with relative ease. Additionally, the surface appears to be traction-limited, though in watching the video of the Cybertruck making the climb, traction doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Despite being fitted with only 35-inch wheels and tires designed for on- and off-road use (dedicated off-roaders typically have 37-inch or larger tires that are mainly for off-road use only), the Cybertruck still appears to be able to conquer some rather treacherous terrain. The video above shows the “Tesla Cybertruck team,” which we assume means some Tesla employees who are still testing the truck, launch the electric pickup truck up a steep, rutted, and rock-filled trail up a hill. 

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According to the video uploaded, the Cybertruck was successful on two out of three attempts up the hill. Maintaining momentum and keeping traction is key in a situation such as this.

In the video below, the Cybertruck descends the same hill. This a much more intricate task, as speed is your enemy here.

And lastly, here’s a video that shows the Cybertuck three-wheeling down the hill as its suspension gets maxed out and, at times, lifts a wheel here and there in the process of slowly going down the climb. For off-road newbies, this can be quite scary, but the truck is nowhere near its tipping point, despite teetering back and forth.

What makes the Cybertuck a capable off-roader? Well, its air suspension features 12. inches of adjustment, which is significant. Its 17.44 inches of ground clearance in stock form in Extract mode is very impressive too. The truck’s approach angle of 35 degrees and departure angle of 28 degrees helps it traverse steep climbs too. Its tough stainless steel body is a plus for off-roading too, as it’s less likely to be punctured by a random rock or scratched by various branches while off the beat npath.

Have you taken your Cybertuck off-roading yet? If so, tell us your thoughts in comments.